High School

The reference point in Alba for future chefs, pâtissier, barman, and maître

Alba Accademia Alberghiera's courses allow students to complete the mandatory schooling to obtain a specific role within the restaurant industry. The mandatory course lasts three years for the professional qualification plus one more year to receive the technical diploma. After this, it is possible to enter the fifth year of public school to obtain the baccalaureate diploma.

During the last year of study, internships and apprenticeships are in synergy with the companies and restaurants of the area. The students can enter the workplace, while companies get to know the students, envisioning them within a fixed role.

Thanks to the ERASMUS+ program, students study abroad for a brief period. Alba Accademia Alberghiera collaborates with European hospitality and catering schools, participating in several international projects such as IMPACT.